The Marriage Certificate

New edition (June 2020) of the genealogical mystery novel by Stephen Molyneux. It replaces the 2013 edition.


When amateur family historian Peter Sefton buys the marriage certificate he sees on display in an antiques centre, little does he realise that it will lead him towards a potentially lucrative discovery and a long-forgotten family secret.

Through his research, Peter finds himself uncovering a series of sad and tragic events that connect the marriage certificate to a modern-day mystery. But, there's a complication. In his quest to complete the family tree, Peter learns that he has competition. It's not just a matter of pride; there's money at stake too!

Should he, the amateur genealogist, give up or can he beat the professionals at their own game?


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The Death Certificate is published by Sites To Suit Limited, PO Box 5923, Newbury, Berkshire, UK


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Last Updated:  28 June 2020